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Paragon is a very progressive, full-service Design & Build company, specializing in Fixtures, Tooling and Automation for the stamping, molding, fabrication and assembly industries. Using today's technology with yesterday's craftsmanship, we have perfected the balance of Cost, Quality and Timely delivery.

Expect Competitive quotes, ON TIME or early deliveries and top notch quality.

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CAD Service

• Product Design
• Fixture Design
• Tool Design
• Die Development
• Reverse engineering

CMM Services

• 1st part layout
• Production layout (PPAP)
• Gage R&R Studies
• Reverse Engineering
• Fixture certification

Manual Build Capabilities

• Models / Patterns (Scale & Full Size)
• Mock-Ups - Plastic Tooling Aids
• Carbon fiber parts
• Welding

Automated Machine Design & Build for:

• Assembly of components
• Trimming operations
• Final Verification & Checking
  of forms and features

CNC & Manual Machining

• Fixtures: Stamping Dies/ Details
• Models & Patterns: Molds
• Production machining (both Short & Long run)
• See partial list below

Checking Fixtures & Gages

• In Process & Final part verification  Fixtures
• CMM Holding, Assembly Fixtures 
• Attribute, Variable & Environmental fixtures 
• SPC Collection and reporting systems

Consulting Services

• Advise on Inspection and Gauging Options
• Develop Part Tolerance & SPC control plan
• Manufacturing Process Optimization
• Recommend Tooling and Product Design
   changes to enhance end product

Other Fixtures & Gages

• Welding  / Holding Fixtures
• Drilling fixtures
• Trimming Fixtures
• Positioning Fixtures
• Both Manual & Automated

We are capable of machining a Variety of Materials including:

Aluminum • Tool Steels • Zinc Alloys • Tooling Boards • Plastics and Plastic Composites
Wood • Foam • And many other materials per Changing customer Requirements

Our Customer base consists of a wide range of industries including: Automotive aftermarket, lawn equipment, recreational consumer products, military applications and automotive tier 1 & 2 suppliers, including some of the largest stamping and molding firms in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, supplying major automotive companies such as GM, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Honda, BMW, Toyota, Suburu, VW and Kia.
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